Shoppers Benefits

Personalization is the order of the day. 

MiMCoups lets merchants, consumers and their social networks find, buy and share their best offers, experiences and thoughts. Around the corner or from afar.

Everyone wins.


Personalized user profiles and filter preferences send the right deals to the right shoppers.

Location Based Deals

MiMCoups uses the geo-location features of smartphones and tablets to prioritize deals by location and distance within your set radius.

Secure Mobile Purchasing

Skip the line and check out with your phone. Buy now and pick up later. Or order online from wherever you are.


Shop by price, location, product type, date, rating and even your friends purchases ... or ask your friends.


Have fun browsing. Or go straight to the product categories you want.


Favourite deals to go back to later or favourite merchants to priorities deals to your personal feed.

Use your device's geo-location

Your location will determine the deals closest to you. Search and filter deal categories and find deals within your set radius.

Discuss Deals with Friends

Discuss deals with your friends who have already made purchases to increase you purchasing confidence.

Chat with Merchants

Don't be shy. Find out more.

Track your Savings

Watch it add up.

Chat with Friends

Can't decide on something? Ask people you know what they found.

Ratings and Review

Get social and tell others what you've found. Or find out what they think.

Share Your Best Deals

Help others find products and save money via MiMCoups or your favorite social media site.

Unique Profile

Personalizing your account and history will yield the best deals.


Buying pays! Help your favourite merchants show their appreciation with meaningful incentives.