Merchant Benefits

Your customers are constantly on their smartphones. Are you?

MiMCoups comprehensive mobile marketing technology is your simplest path to engage directly with individual customers and whole communities of smartphone users.

From your desktop computer via our online dashboard.

It's not the future, it's now.

Simple yet sophisticated

MiMCoups is a complete re-thinking and re-engineering of your relationship with your customers via mobile.

Reach Out

The MiMCoups online dashboard is your direct link to customers searching and buying from their mobile devices.

Push Notifications by Location

Find the right shoppers in the right places with the right offers.

Reach Out

Chat live with your customers and their communities via the MiMCoups internal chat function.

Where and When

Geo-locate and time your offers for individual or multiple store locations.

Build Your Reputation

Collect personal reviews being shared among your customers.

Data Analytics

Competitive data and anonymized customer information help you be strategic with your offers.

Geo-Locate Competitors

See what your customers can see, and what the competition is up to.


Generate repeat business with your own loyalty programs.

Live Customer Contact

Handle or assign direct customer interaction for live sales.

Direct and Secure

Orders go straight to your MiMCoups dashboard or email. Payments go directly to your account.

Customize Your Deals

Customer information helps you craft the most attractive deals.